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Return Policy

Please read Avon's cancellation | repair | replace / exchange | policy below and check the box to confirm agreement.

RETURNS: Product returned that has been authorized is subject to inspection and a 20% restocking fee. No freight is refundable and returned items are the responsibility of the Customer. Avon reserves the right to scrap or return unwanted returned items that are not authorized for return or in unsaleble condition at the Customer's expense. Any items returned damaged will not be available for credit.

REPAIRS: Repair equipment will be inspected and a repair estimate will be provided prior to completing work. Estimates are formed based on a thorough preliminary examination, but may differ from the actual cost of repair.

DAMAGED IN SHIPPING: Please notify the carrier if product is perceived damaged at the time of delivery. All product that has been found as concealed damage must be inspected to determine defect of product. Customer service will issue Return Authorization # and return instructions. Avon has the right to inspect all merchandise. After inspection Avon will determine actions of reorder pending availability of current product or credit Distributor or invoiced party. 

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Please note the completion of this form does not provide you with authorization to return the goods. You will receive a notification within 48 hrs from the Customer Service team when arrangements can be agreed.